Waste & Recycle

Recycling reduces the need for land filling and incineration, prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials and saves energy. Any opportunity to remove items from our waste stream reduces the number of hauls required from our stores and diverts unnecessary waste from landfills and reduces cost.

Hardgoods Donation

Hardgoods include products such as beds, crates, leashes, bowls and other non-consumable products. In 2011, we began to test a Hardgoods Donation program, which reduces our environmental impact by diverting waste from landfills and benefits our non-profit animal welfare partners. We rolled out the entire program to all our stores in 2012, donating over 1 million items.

Construction Waste Reduction

We are reducing the amount of waste in our store remodels by finding innovative vendors to recycle new products, like old floor tiles. In our first year of construction recycling, we diverted 11% of our waste.

Plastic Bags

We responded to 8 new plastic bag regulations, providing communities like Austin, Texas, recycled-content paper bags and an enhanced selection of reusable bags.

We recycled over 1,800 lbs of plastic bags from the front of our stores.

79,000 Toner Cartridges Saved

Paper Recycling

We recycled over 647 trees worth of paper last year.

Fixture Refurbishing

In 2010, PetSmart began to look at alternative ways to control waste when updating store shelving. To ensure we were not just adding to the waste stream, we teamed up with a vendor to refurbish shelving and reuse it in new stores and remodels. This reduces the new shelves we purchase and reduces our environmental impact. In 2012 alone, we saved 4,000 shelves from the landfill and put them back to work in our stores.

Electronic Recycling

We recycled over 86.6 tons of electronic equipment, up 19% over 2011.